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Sports Art Impressionism by Mark Trubisky captures the thrill and emotion of athletes in action.

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" Capturing the thrill and emotion of athletes in action"

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Mark shares his vision of Sports Art using his distinctive interpretation of  impressionism in a contemporary style.  The dramatic movement of athletes allows the viewer to witness the moment from Mark's unique vantage point.


Mark is increasingly being recognized for his diverse work.  In addition to his runner-up as Sports Artist of the Year in 2014 (N.A.M.O.S.), he also is one of the selected artists working directly with the Deacon Jones Foundation.  The Foundation offers NFL licensed artwork for sale with the proceeds benefiting their charitable efforts.  Consider a visit to see Mark's team focused paintings.
"My artwork is the triumph and celebration in sports everyone can find appealing... This idea of overcoming obstacles, resiliency and hard work are universal themes that find broad cultural appeal."
                                                                     - Mark Trubisky